Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to join to visit your club?

• Visitors Welcome – $2 Entrance includes Afternoon Tea/Raffle/Activities
• Welcome to visit us for two or three visits to see if this group is for you
Then Membership will increase the benefits – 2021 Annual Membership – $15.

Are there any additional costs/charges?
• Optional purchase from trading table sales assist fundraising efforts.

How much does it cost to become a member

2021 Annual Membership – $15.

I don’t have any transport, is there any public transport?

There is no local public transport to coincide with Club Activities

You may find a member is a friend or neighbor and would be willing to share transport.

Red Cross – Transport – 0427 905 988 –
Berri Taxi Service – 0408 851 122.


Frequently Asked Questions (Computer)

My Start Bar is at the top (or side) of the screen – how do I get it back to the bottom?

  • Use your mouse; place the arrow in the middle of the bar; left click (hold the button down) whilst dragging the bar back to the bottom)watch the screen whilst you are doing so) when you get to the bottom, let go the button.

How do I start a new line of Text?

  • Press Enter key once; Press Enter key a second time for more space.

I find the printing on the screen to small, is there anything I can do?

  • On your standard toolbar there should be a small window 75% or 100% with a small black arrow alongside it.
  • Left click on the arrow, you will now get a choice of % sizes.
  • Choose 150% or 200%.This will make all printing on your screen appear much larger. Convenient for working with and particularly if a few people are trying to see what is on the screen at once.

I find the printing on the screen too small, I would like change the settings so it is size 12 rather than size 10, how do I do that?

  • Use your mouse – right click
  • Left click on Font
  • Make sure the font tab is open
  • Make sure Times New Roman/Regular/size 12 are all highlighted, if not click on each one in turn
  • Click on default (bottom left hand corner)
  • Click OK.

I want to change my text but it doesn’t work?

  • Text must be selected (highlighted) to change the appearance – use your mouse
  • Left click (and hold the button down) next to the text you want to change, drag to the end of the word or line then let go the left button
  • Choose the buttons at the top of the screen i.e. B for Bold
  • Small black arrow to the right of the large A to change the colour – black will be default -click on a coloured square (red).